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It is an autonomous private organization dedicated to excel in the academic arena changing the way the traditional educational system that works in Nepal.

Its objective is to build men and women with leadership qualities and integrity, who are a part of an extraordinary network of people making a difference in the fast changing world of today.

It aims to provide feasible opportunities to all: children, parents and teachers to come together and plant collective efforts to put forward a platform where the delivery of quality education is possible.

We, at Sanskriti, differ in defining quality as it is usually perceived. Quality, to us, is more than just complying with standards: it is about attaining the three satisfaction where the trio includes parents, children and the teachers.

We aim at improving the quality of education through child centered learning, where importance is given to the all round development of each individual child.

We do not believe in forcing education upon children but to make them want to study and making them partners in the learning experience.

Keeping in mind our motto: “Higher - Stronger - Brighter” We give your little ones the very best, each and every day...

Nothing nobler than a life of a teacher Our Faculty Members
Staff Training : All the working staff at Sanskriti have undergone a basic training in Universal Precaution and Child Care Safety

"The aim of education is... the development of that bent of mind, that attitude of reason, that spirit of democracy which will make us responsible citizens"


Our shared vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating learning environment where learners can achieve their fullest potential by embracing respect and international mindedness to contribute to the ever changing world.


To enable a growing number of individuals to achieve balanced success in learning and life by consistently delivering innovative and quality education.

Chairman's Message

Learning has no horizon; learning is limitless; learning never ends.

Sanskriti is a vision developed in the eyes of noted visionary people from different walks of life; business, academicians, entrepreneurs, and leaders. It feels wonderful to think of how all of us met to discuss various ways to settle an educational wing that significantly contributes towards the nation. It is not only a vision but also a mission to give Nepalese children an opportunity to be groomed so that they grow up as competent, mentally sound, physically fit and morally upright pupils and eventually become promising and responsible citizens of tomorrow. Because every child deserves to be successful, they deserve a better school, a better place to learn and grow as a human being. At Sanskriti we strive to bring about the overall holistic development of a student. Hence, we dedicate Sanskriti International School as a tribute to all those young minds who deserve to learn, who deserve to grow.

Sanskriti International School is an endeavor to build a modern education system, not just in infrastructure or appearance but in every approach that can deliver the best and the most trusted early childhood education and elementary schooling for families across Nepal. Every student who is a part of the Sanskriti family is special and we assure their treatment likewise.

Sankriti International School opts to provide a more meaningful education to the children than what is mandated by the curriculum. We believe that emphasis should be given to the natural order of development in the child. For this, we have regulated a programme to revise and update our course syllabus every year with regard to the changes taking place in education around the globe as well in terms of understanding the child so that the child is exposed to the recent method of teaching.

With a team of dedicated and professional teaching and non-teaching staff, it has been quite comfortable for me to initiate and implement the vision we had for Sankriti divisions. And with the opening of Sankriti International School at Halchowk, I express my gratitude to all those who have helped directly and indirectly, to give Sankriti the recognition it enjoys today.

This is indeed a tribute to all those YOUNG MINDS at Sankriti International School.

Ranjit Acharya
Sanskriti International School

Sanskriti Education Foundation and Research Center

Director's Message

As the Director, I oversee the development and training of Sanskriti School. I am a firm believer in Sanskriti’s balanced learning curriculum because we place special emphasis on literacy instruction, hands on learning activities, building a foundation for understanding mathematics, the integration of technology to support learning and most importantly, on the development of confident, happy children.

The concept of balance is core to the Sanskriti approach to curriculum development and programming. We believe each child is unique, capable, curious and in the process of discovering how the world works. We want to encourage this natural process by providing the kind of teaching and learning environment that will foster the development of all rounded children. Our balanced learning curriculum provides teachers with an instructional blueprint that enable them to promote and support children’s learning in multiple ways through listening, seeing, hearing, touching and play.

We consider multiple aspects of development and learning – cognitive, social emotional, physical, creative & fine/gross motor development - in the design of our research-based curriculum.

Another important component of the balanced learning curriculum deals with character development – understanding concepts like friendship, generosity and honesty which are at the heart of a culture at Sanskriti. I know from my many years of teaching and rearing my own children that character doesn’t just happen by itself. To raise a generation of compassionate adults, we need to start young and make caring for others a way of life whether its’ at home or at school.

Our schools recruit the best teachers and train them constantly to bring our balanced learning curriculum to life in all our Sanskriti classrooms. Having purposeful, engaging curriculum and instructional interval needed to teach, gives our teachers more time to focus on individual children’s need and growth. When I talk to my teachers, I often hear that they are proud to be a part of an organization that is committed to making a difference in children’s lives.

In my experience in the field of educaiton, I have found few schools to be truly focused on implementing the best blend of curriculum and assessment for children.

Sanskriti School is exemplary in this respect. I feel honored to have the opportunity to play a role in its emphasis on providing the best platform for learning and teaching.

Diptee Acharya
Sanskriti International School

Sanskriti International School

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